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  • A Bible Survey is an attempt to overview, in one sweep, the content of the entire Bible. It aims to introduce and explore to the student to all of Scripture. Meaning that, it aims to give to the student the historical background to, the structure (outline) of, and any other interpretative keys (main themes, key concepts, literary features, etc) within, each division and each book of the Bible, so that student can henceforth more profitably read and study the Bible for himself whether for personal devotions or public ministry.
  • A bible Survey is thus not a Bible Study or a series of Bible Studies: when we are seeking to cover the entire Bible there is obviously not enough time for the detailed study (whether devotional or doctrinal) of biblical passages, themes, etc. Nor is a Bible Survey the same as Biblical Studies, the more academic subject offered in many institutions which focuses on the origins, context and reliability of the text.


    1. Survey of Old Testament
    2. Survey of New Testament

Method of training:

This will definitely be both via online and classroom

  • To know the basic content of the Bible -- its main events, characters and principal teachings.
  • To understand the central message that unfolds within the biblical context
  • To see the unity of the Bible and appreciate the Old Testament as a foundation for the New.
  • To be aware of the historical phases of God's progressive revelation of himself in the Bible.
  • To understand biblical history in its context of near eastern history and culture.
  • To recognize and appreciate the Bible's various literature types and writing styles.
  • To examine selected theological ideas from the Bible and their current relevance.
  • To respond to the truths of scripture with personal faith and obedience for spiritual life and growth.
  • To begin to integrate Bible knowledge with other disciplines.