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RTC Admissions

Are you yeady to apply, and wondering what happens next? It’s a simple process; here’s an outline of what to expect.

We welcome applications from people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities on our programmes. Different programmes require different application forms and documents.

The application form for this programme is available online at via the link below. After you have submitted this application form, our team will be in touch to help you through the rest of the application process.

Other key parts of the application process include an interview (either face-to-face or via an online video call), the collection of references and the submission of a payment plan.

Running of Our Courses

  • Course Outlines: About the course hours, we shall be having about 160 hours theories under which we have 20 hours of practical which will take us through the summer season and the graduation with ordination which takes place in every mid-October.
  • Meeting time: We shall be meeting for classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays {5 pm to 8 pm} and sometimes on Saturdays {12-2 pm}
  • Duration: This course is an 8 months programme, between January and August and Graduation/ Ordination in Mid-October.
  • Handouts: There will be handouts for every lecture. Each lecture will be taken with good simplicity and great clarity, thereby encouraging every student to have an equal opportunity to ask any questions and be free to participate in all areas of discussion for the purpose of a full understanding of what is being taught.
  • Assignment: There will be assignments required from every student to submit with one thesis at the end of the course programme before graduation/ ordination. The assignment will cover some of the courses in class but as for the Thesis, each student is permitted to choose from any of the topics from the course programme and submits a well certified 2000 words thesis as partial fulfilment of the requirement of their course programme.
  • Group Discussion: There will be group discussions and presentations from students to showcase their intelligence and knowledge based on what has been taught in class
  • Attendance: Attendance to classes and engagements in the course of studies will be taken note of and be rated according to every student
  • Confidentiality: Confidentiality will be maintained within and outside the college as well as equality among every student and staff as Christ is for all.
  • Levels: certificates are presented to students after completing their programmes depending on the level of the programme they applied for.
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