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  • The course provides a practical study of chaplaincy and various ways of the application of the chaplain’s theology in the secular and ministerial world. Emphasis is given to the tension that exists for chaplains ministering to individuals from broad theological backgrounds. The course will prepare the chaplain how to minister in pluralistic world, as well as, advice and mentor chaplains from a diversity of theologies.
  • This program equips you to become a Chaplain or pastoral carer in diverse areas such as:

    • hospitals
    • aged care facilities
    • prisons
    • schools
    • different sporting placements
    • and other community settings
  • Through this exciting programme, students will receive practical and theological training on how to minister to those in need, gain greater understanding of those around him, and be empowered to make a real difference in people’s lives. 
  • This course of study introduces student beginning from the foundation level to the sources and content in the relevant discipline as well as various areas and provide training which emphasises vocational application. Graduates will have writing and research skills, and be able to demonstrate an ability to apply a body of knowledge in a range of contexts.
  • This Chaplaincy course aims at course helping the students to establish expertise in the discipline area of chaplaincy. The course will also allow flexibility for students who may wish to start with a short undergraduate course before committing to a Bachelor programme.
  • The course will help students to build a strong strategic understanding of chaplaincy and its relationship to evangelical theology that produces advanced knowledge, skill and abilities in practical theological interpretation. Thereby, building advanced interpretive and decision making skills as it is related to the various areas of chaplaincy, allowing the trainee/student to function at the strategic levels of chaplaincy leadership.
  • A very dynamic learning environment for chaplains has been created through this award which needs to be completed in a mix of online and intensive study. All students completing the Diploma of Chaplaincy attend intensives as a part of the course and complete a practicum component of working in the field.