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  • You will need to study yourself and others from a Christian perspective, with the aim of developing and expanding your listening skills.
  • Everyone will certainly need support and assistance in one way or the other as they journey through life.
  • A good listening ear is always appreciated, but sometimes people desire more.
  • We can help equip you to play a part in the lives of those who are struggling, enabling them to move forward and discover the freedom to grow into all that God desires them to be.
  • Topics to be covered:
  • Developing basic counselling skills
  • The biblical basis for counselling
  • causes of problems and various ways to address them
  • A clear framework for the counselling process

Whether we are seeking guidance from a pastor, friend, parent, or professional, how do we know that their advice is trustworthy? When it comes to problems of the heart and relationships, the Bible must be the standard by which we recognize good counsel. God places a priority on dealing with the internal roots of our problems so that the observable fruit of our lives can also be pleasing to Him. Even Jesus indicated that good counsel must not only address behaviour but also issues of the heart.


The course is actually good for anyone who desire to learn and study about themselves and how to help others effectively, no matter how much or how little their previous knowledge and experience could be. This course is a reflective course it’s very interactive and personal, as we explore using both practical methods and theory. Who can attend:

  • The course is ideal for anyone who is:
  • Who desire to engage in full counselling training
  • Anyone who seek for basic training for pastoral car
  • Wanting to help people in everyday life
  • Running a small group
  • In part-time or full-time Christian ministry