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Our statement of faith is focused on the roots of Christianity – Salvation through Christ Jesus, belief in the Trinity, and recognition of the Holy Bible as the inspired Word of God. These core beliefs are the unifying features of “True Christianity”, and help us recognize that we are all part of one body – the body of Christ.

Doctrinal Statement

Rhema Theological College UK believes in the engrafted Word of God. The College believes in the Divine inspiration of the Old and New Testaments. God’s Word is without error and it is God’s revelation to mankind.

Salvation by Grace

We believe in Salvation by Grace and it is a free-gift from God given to everyone who believes in His Son Jesus, the Christ, and accept Him as the Lord of their life. (Matthew 16:21-26) (John 3:16-19) (John 14:6) (Acts 4:12) (Romans 10:9-13) (Ephesians 2:4-9) (I John 5:9-12).So, Salvation is initiated, attained, and procured by God through the death of Christ on the Cross for our sins and His resurrection from the dead. The salvation Christ offers is available to all, and is received freely by grace alone and through faith in Christ alone, apart from good works, thereby justifying and indwelling the believer.