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  • The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the study and practice of theology.
  • Theology literally means ‘words or study about God’. So, it is the study of God, or anything related to God. All Christians talk about God and this makes all of us theologians. Of course that does not necessarily make us good theologians. Being a good theologian requires study and effort, a task many are not willing to make, but a task that is beneficial. The more you know about God, the more effective you can be in serving him.
  • Systematic theology is actually a specific branch of theology that examines all of the doctrines of the church and systematizes them thereby making sure that they all fit well together in harmony. Take for instance, who and what we understand God will certainly affect every other doctrine we have. What we understand about sin will automatically impact what we believe about the work of Christ and salvation. Many of our doctrines are like this, so to have a good understanding of one requires a broader understanding of many others.
  • Systematic Theology studies all of the major doctrines in a framework that will knit them together in a cohesive and coherent whole. The course will cover the doctrines of Scripture, Trinity, Holy Spirit, The Kingdom of God, Justification by Faith and or works, biblical prayer and fasting, five folds ministries, church growth and evangelism, eschatology, Soteriology or doctrine of Salvation, homiletics, Origin of sin, Paul’s new perspective etc.
  • This course will look at what theology is and who are the people that theology is actually meant for. Where it is done, and for what purpose. We will also explore on various traditional sources of theological reflection, such as the Bible, traditions, experience as well as reason will also be examined.
  • Each lecture will be with a reading assignment from the course textbook as well as other articles, presentations books, and courses for further study of each of these core doctrines of the Christian faith.