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  • There is a great battle being waged in the spiritual world. It is a personal battle within between the flesh and the spirit. It is a social battle with the evil forces of the world. It is a spiritual battle with evil supernatural powers. It is also a physical battle, with attacks launched against your body which is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • In Old Testament times a trumpet was used to summons God's people to battle. Today, a spiritual summons is sounding throughout the nations of the world. It is a summons to the invisible war. It is the call to arms.

 Demonstrate understanding of the natural and spiritual realms.

  • Define "spiritual warfare."
  • State the basic principle for understanding spiritual warfare.
  • Define "divine healing."
  • Distinguish between healing and deliverance.
  • Explain how healing and deliverance are related to the commission to reach the

          world with the Gospel.

  • Identify the source of sickness.
  • Explain the reasons for sickness.
  • Identify types of sickness.
  • List the end results of sickness.
  • Summarize the Biblical basis of healing.
  • List the purposes of healing.
  • Understand and use the gifts of healing.
  • Respond to traditions of men regarding healing.
  • Deal with unanswered questions regarding healing.