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Please understand that no one is in his world without a particular gift. God has so much done it in a way to make sure that there is some unique deposited in you. no one is created to do several things but one great thing in life is enough to turn you into headline news. inside every man is a gift and this is what is hidden in you to turn your world around. You are not born to decide your gift as only God decides what you have come into this world to do, but you are to discover what is put inside of you and make wise use of it.

Your gift is what makes you unique and brings solutions to the lives of many other people. You cannot buy a gift and you never begged for it. You don’t bury a gift as it’s not a seed but you will need to trade with it and develop it. Now, when you develop your gift, you become the commodity that the world is seeking.

Until you start doing what you’re born to do, no one seeks you and this is where your money lies. A gift is not something you learn, that’s why it’s called a gift.

start working and developing yourself and great things will start coming out from you. Focus on what you’re doing and never be discouraged, very soon, those who are gossiping about you will soon queue up to buy from your gift. God bless you!

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